Ramaj Eroc Article on IAmMusic.TV

Very pleased to announce that the Ramaj Eroc article has been published on IAmMusic.TV. It can be accessed here: http://www.iammusic.tv/interview-ramaj-eroc/


It’s coming to the end of the year and it has been an amazing few months for me in the Journalism industry. Moreover, it has been great the reception which we have got from the radio show and whilst having a lot of fun, I have gained a lot from doing this.

I have had my work published on many websites and hard copy publications  on topics ranging from Sport to Hip-Hop. It has been great exposure for me and I feel my writing has advanced. However, I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the willing editors of the various publications who have happily published my work and also the artists and managers who have given me something to write about in the first place. I am very grateful to the likes of Sam Bass (UCL), Sullee J, Allan Siema, Euro League, Ramaj Eroc, Christine Ohuruogu and Ed Stoner, to name a few.

Over the next few weeks I hope to have articles published about UK artist – Cynikal – and British Olympic runner – Christine Ohurougu. Moreover, I have been in contact with the manager of Melanin 9, so looking to get an interview, article and album review sorted.

Thanks for reading.



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