YUNG $EED$ EP by Roman Flowrs (released 04/01)


Chicago residing Roman Flowrz has laid down the foundations for a successful year with the release of his EP, ahead of his album #OneHellOfAPromo billed for a May release. Roman’s diversity as both an artist and a producer shines throughout this 9 track project. He cites his all-encompassing love for music as a key explanation for his original sound, “I’m really into music, all genres..and it’s heard in my music” he claims. If you were to compare his sound to what else is on the market at the moment, you would struggle. To describe him as an R&B/soul artist would be to do an injustice to his rapping ability, yet to brandish him as a rapper would fail to paint the whole picture.

Tha Rink and PENTHOU$E are arguably two of the stand out tracks from the EP, emphasising his strong lyrics and exciting production. Tha Rink refers to a place where some of Roman’s craziest childhood stories came about, where the kids went to party during ‘the peak of the Chicago ‘Juke’ scene’ in the early 2000s, so it brings back plenty of great memories for the artist. Overall, the balance of the work is extremely impressive and it gives the listener an indication as to what Roman Flowrz is all about.

The young musician describes the EP as just an appetiser for the main event this summer, which he’s currently working on. He’s adamant that it’s going to be a huge success, going as far as stating “I’m sure it will be one of the best projects to come out my city & maybe even this country”. We look forward to hearing it!

  1. Italian Roses (Produced by Roman Flowrs)
  2. Tha Rink (Produced by SANGO)
  3. Flex Season (Produced by Lindsay Lowend)
  4. Tonite (Produced by Hunnid Beats)
  5. Lexus Music ft. Dart (Produced by Birthday)
  6. The Dream ft. AJ Peace (Produced by Sinitus Tempo)
  7. [BONUS] PENTHOU$E II ft. Amerrah (Produced by Roman Flowrs)
  8. [BONUS] Bout It (Produced by Evil Needle)
  9. [BONUS] Perfect Timing

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