Ronald Halfacre’s Sportmans Sunday League

I had a brilliant time at Trinity Mirror – Britain’s biggest newspaper group. Following my Work Experience there I have been given the opportunity to cover the Sportmans Sunday League for the Fulham Chronicle. This is a great chance to improve myself as a journalist. Furthermore, I am being mentored by Paul Warburton, who has worked at the company for 15 years. I have learnt an awful lot from him already!

My first piece for the Chronicle focused on Ronald Halfacre, who recentlyreceived an MBE for services to grassroots football. He has been running the Senior Sportmans Sunday League for 63 years. It was a real pleasure to speak to him on the phone and hear his views on how the game has evolved/declined over the years. It appears, to at least some (such as Ron), that the Football Association appear to be doing very little to support grassroots football..

Anyway, here’s the article below in full published in this week’s (13/09) Fulham Chronicle –  a newspaper with a readership of roughly 86,000.

Ron Halfacre pdf


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