Pearscroft debut in Middlesex County Football League


Tomorrow’s Fulham Chronicle will feature a match report I wrote about Pearscroft United’s first game in Middlesex County Football League.

After winning the Sportmans Senior Sunday League in 2012 (the league which I will be covering this season) they had a turbulent season in the Commercial League. In spite of being on course for a league and cup double, they were dumped out of the league following several match abandonments – caused by punch-ups.

Following their opening game of the 2013/14 season I spoke to their manager Andy Druce. He felt that it was the worst decision he ever made putting his club in Commercial League. Druce believed that his club were harshly treated by authorities, due to the fact that they were the new boys to the competition and therefore easy targets.

He is already extremely confident about the upcoming season with a young squad at his disposal. A very friendly chap and I wish him and his players all the very best this season.

I’ll upload the article tomorrow when the paper is available!


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